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Apply to By Cities For Cities!

We are excited to share with you the application process and selection criteria for our conference By Cities For Cities.  This is an opportunity for cities that are pursuing low carbon futures or circular economies to have in depth conversations with other cities and experts on approaches, opportunities, and pitfalls. 

We are evolving Envision America into a broader, more comprehensive conference to bring in more cities from around the US and now around the world.  20 Cities have gone through Envision America and the benefits are ongoing.  Not only did these cities have the opportunity to focus on their projects and get the advice from experts, but also they have ongoing relationships that allow for continued communication and collaboration.

We are looking for cities that are committed to a more sustainable future, are beyond the goal setting stage and are in the process of implementing a strategic plan or projects that rolls up to a goal.

Each selected city will receive 2 complimentary participant registrations, hotel accommodations and transportation (International cities will receive a per diem).  The city’s 2 participants will be included in the workshops and ‘Deep Dive Session’ where they will be brought together with 3 other cities with the same focus, as well as experts and a facilitator for a more in depth conversation.

The only requirement for cities interested in applying is a letter from their respective Mayor committing one city staff person to be the representative for that City.  This person must be given authority to talk on behalf of the city and have influence over the city’s priorities going forward.  The City’s representative will select one additional participant to join them in Charlotte – we encourage additional city staff, however, partners outside of the government may be presented for approval. Additional team members are welcome to attend and participate, but their participation will not be paid for by BC4C.

Please fill out the following application, and you will have an opportunity to upload the Mayor’s letter at the end.


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